The mission of Regeneration Church is to See the people of OB transformed by the presence of Jesus. We plan to do this by SHARING the life saving, eternity altering Gospel message, SHAPING people into the image of Jesus, and SENDING those people into service for Jesus.

Our Strategy

To accomplish our mission, we will meet on Sundays together as a large group of Christians seeking to grow in the Lord by the worshiping the Lord in song and preaching of the Word, doing life deeply together, and making much of Jesus together as one body. Then, throughout the week, we will meet in smaller groups, continuing to grow, and continuing to do life deeply together.

Community Groups

The Community Groups will be the heart of Regeneration Church. The use of these groups and the multiplying of these groups will serve as the catalyst for growth of the church as a whole. These groups are not simply weekly Bible studies. There will be studies of the Bible done here, but that will not be the extent of these groups. The Community Groups will be the main discipleship arm of Re:Generation Church, but the Community Groups will also be majorly involved in service. We want everyone to participate in Community Groups. A Community Group is a mid-sized group (10-16), facilitated by leaders or those in whom leadership qualities have been seen, that have a shared mission of making much of Jesus with the people they engage through their group. Thus, the mission of each Community Group may vary a bit. One may be engaging single college students with safe places to talk, mentors or just a listening ear. Another may be reaching out to single mothers/households with support and care. Another may tackle the drug and alcohol epidemic in our city. While another may reach out to the homeless with food drives, clothing closets etc. Community is then created in the midst of mission and service as they rally around a common goal. We envision community groups that are small enough to care for each other’s spiritual needs and formation yet big enough to dare to engage people where they are at, problems and all, in the culture around them. As disciples multiply at Re-Generation, so will Community Groups and then churches.

Sunday Gatherings

Sunday gatherings are the gathering of Community Groups, as we join together as one body to make much of Jesus. We gather together on Sundays to celebrate our glorious Hope, our gracious King, and our precious Savior…Jesus the Christ. We will celebrate His resurrection, proclaim His Word, worship Him though music, come to His table for communion and rejoice in baptism. Sunday evenings will serve as the larger arm of multiplying disciples and multiplying churches. At our gatherings we hope to equip and inspire the ministry of Community Groups, giving them orders and a plan as we look to practically put God’s glorious Word to action in our city. Our mission at Re-Generation Church does not stop after Sunday Service, but here we begin. Here we put to practice not simply attending church, but being the church.

We meet at 6 p.m. Sunday nights at 4790 Santa Monica Ave in OB.