Pastor Mark Porter is a beautiful picture of God's amazing and saving grace in a man's life. From drug and alcohol addiction, jail and finally prison, the Lord came and broke the chains and set this captive free.

After living the wild and crazy life in OB for 10 years, he moved to Iowa, but changing places doesn't change a man. Only the Lord can do that. After surrendering his life to Jesus in a prison cell on December 21, 2007, he was mentored by an ex-Muslim doing life who was radically saved himself. Upon release, Mark followed the call of God on his life to Crown College, earned a B.S. in Christian Ministries, and began pastoring a small country church in Lynnville, Iowa. All this time, he felt the Lord calling him back to OB, back to the people and the place who need Jesus touch, just as Mark did. Once his wife Lindsey felt this calling for the family as well, they packed up there three boys and headed back to OB to plant Regeneration Church.

The Porter's strongly believe that it is with the Lord's power and the Lord's presence that a church will be born. A life giving, love offering and service oriented body of believers who are not confined by walls or any barriers. We believe we are better when we are scattered, not simply gathered. From small groups to Bible studies, to service projects and finally to Sunday Services, we pray you will experience God's love, His presence and His people as we grow in Him.

Mark enjoys surfing, studying God's Word, playing with his boys, walks with Lindsey, and the beach! 

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