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What's up Regeneration Church, 

A new season is upon us as a church due to circumstances well out of our control, but let us remember that our God always in control! 



  1. For the next few weeks (hopefully only 3) we will be suspending on site Sunday services.

    • OB1 Church has shut the doors of the church, and they have asked us to respect their decision. We will be continuing to have Sunday services, available online and on our Facebook page  at 6 pm Sunday. We encourage you to grab your family and worship with us at this time. They will also be available on Monday to view through our Youtube channel. Go to YouTube and search: Regeneration Church, Ocean Beach. You can also keep updated on our website, and by using our app through . 

    • We will be trying to email weekly as things come up to keep you updated on other events. Since we normally use Sunday service to do this, we will try to communicate things important to our vision and mission here. Our mission has not changed, and we are discussing ways that we can actively bless OB and SD so that God would receive glory through this tough and troubled time. I will be speaking more on this Sunday. You won’t want to miss this message.


  1. For now, we cannot use the church to hold men’s group. We are looking at some platforms to best do this online. Stay tuned for a solution. We still want to be able to interact, be encouraged and support each other, as well as to grow in the Lord during this time. 

  2. The women are trying out a new software on Thursday, and we will see how this works and may adopt it for men's group. Contact Sam or Lindsey for info on this.


Starting Thursday evening, we will go live on our Facebook page and talk a bit and share some encouraging words, prayer, laughs and stories of how God is using us during this time. We would love for you to jump on with us as we go through this time! 

We are in this together church, and we will overcome by Him who is faithful. On the app, there is a place for PRAYERS….please use this to add or to connect with others in prayer. God is up to something even in the chaos, and He is in complete control. We are not running in fear, but are acting out of love for you and the others in the church by complying with the state and federal regulations. We will not be afraid, but will overcome by the blood of the Lamb!

Any questions and concerns can be directed to me at or to  

We love you and are praying for you!

Mark Porter