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Today Jesus marches up Calvary’s Hill. Today Jesus will be nailed to a tree. Today Jesus will breathe His last breath. Today Jesus will die a sinners death…

Today all seems lost…today all hope is gone…today darkness overtakes the world…today it seems as if the enemy has won…

But a lot can happen in 3 days!

Jesus will rise again…Jesus will overcome our greatest enemy of death…Satan will be defeated…sins will be forgiven…Jesus will be victorious.

What will you do with this man named Jesus? Will this Good Friday and Easter be just another holiday? Will we ignore the huge and eternal implications that these days hold? Or will this be the year we fall down in humble submission to the Savior of the world and worship Him rightly as King?

I have been praying hard for a Revival to come out of Covid-19. That the Lord would use this devastating event in our times to actually wake us up to the reality that Jesus is on the throne and is the only answer and solution to all of the mess we find ourselves in. That peace and joy and hope and contentment can come only in knowing and following Jesus. That He is with us and for us. And most of all that Jesus is calling us home now more than ever.

In Hebrews 4:15 we read “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion”. Today the Lord is calling to us…no matter who you are, no matter your sin, no matter your life choices, no matter the struggles and the darkness you find yourself in…the reality is that from the cross and from His heart…Jesus is calling you and me home.

What will you do with this man named Jesus?

Today is the day church…a day that can be the very beginning of a new life in Jesus Christ. Today all things can be made new. Today all yours sins can be forgiven. Today you can become a child of God.

Cry out to Him now. He will hear you.He is with you and He is for you.


Be blessed.